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How to heal cracked skin on your feet?

How to heal cracked skin on your feet?

Cracked feet? Heel fissures? Crevices? Every day, our heels are under severe strain. When your skin gets dry, it can crack and crevices appear. It may hurt badly you and it is not aesthetically pleasing.

These crevices are the symptom of a lack of care for your feet and if you had enough of suffering from crevices, it is time to do something about it in order to finally have the pretty feet that you deserve and that will make all your friends jealous.

What are the causes of crevices and deep cracks on your feet?

The level of dryness of your heel is the main cause, it may be severe or not. The lack of hydration but also the pressure exerted on your feet, and deficiencies (vitamins, minerals ...) can be aggravating factors.

There are still many other factors to consider such as obesity, diseases such as fungal infections, eczema or psoriasis, wearing open shoes or clappers/flip flops in the summer, and lack of hygiene.

The heel fissures is the most common. Wearing shoes without buttresses and protection contributes to damaging your feet. Flat shoes too. Bad genetics or too much water and humidity (long showers or baths) can contribute to dryness of the skin and therefore to crevices.

In the presence of pathologies such as diabetes or arteritis, consulting a professional podiatrist is more than recommended.

What are the remedies against Crevices?

There are many moisturizing foot creams for crevices but it is not necessarily easy to choose the one that suits you best.

You can also try homemade remedies like a bowl filled with hot water with salt and lemon. This will allow you to exfoliate your skin. Add some shampoo at the end. Once you have stirred, you can let your feet soak for about ten minutes.

Use a wet shower brush, scrub your feet to remove the cells responsible for your crevices. Dry your feet well afterward and apply a moisturizer.

Coconut oil is also excellent for fighting dry skin. This will require some care and frequent care in order to have the beautiful feet you want. It will be necessary to grate them but also to use exfoliating active ingredients such as brown sugar, volcanic black sand, extracts of papaya or salts of the Dead Sea.

An experienced podiatrist can abrade dead skin with a scalpel if you can not or do not want to do it yourself. With the appropriate care and cream, your heels can return to their original appearance within two weeks. Keep in mind that abrasion with the blade of a scalpel is the prerogative of professionals only, you will not be able to do the same in a beauty salon.

Call your podiatrist in Kirkland today at 514.505.3977 to learn more about our podiatric services near you. If your crevices/cracks are deep and tend to get worse, it is often better to leave home remedies behind and contact a health professional for further advice and treatment.

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