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What is Neuropathy and how to keep it under control?

What is Neuropathy and how to keep it under control?

We often talk about diabetic foot or neuropathy, but what exactly do these terms mean?

This issue is related to diabetes and it can quickly become inconvenient for many diabetics. In the absence of treatment, the situation can go from bad to worse fairly quickly. A diabetic patient must undergo an annual or bi-annual foot medical examination to make sure everything is in order. The podiatrist will check the blood circulation closely and will verify that there is no loss of sensation, or any ulceration or infection.

What are the causes of Neuropathy?

The feet are affected first then usually comes the turn of the hands. The sensation that you usually feel is like tingling and numbness. The pain is initially diffuse and intermittent before intensifying and becoming permanent. You can lose any sensation, even to the point of not feeling the narrowness of your shoes.

The arches of the foot eventually weaken and your foot muscles become weaker. The most important dangers at this stage are ulceration, infection, and if it gets worse amputation! This is why it is important to consult a podiatrist as soon as you notice something strange or abnormal.

In the short term, neuropathy slows the normal rate of healing and in the long term, the nerves on the extremities of your body are irritated. The blood circulation, which is affected by this disease, is slowing down and this causes dryness of the skin and in more than one case, the weakening of your foot muscles.

Solutions for Diabetic Foot Treatment

First of all, it is possible to wear soft molded orthotics that will help you to distribute more evenly your weight and distribute pressure better over your entire foot.

Orthopedic shoes can help to reduce the risk of foot injury. It is important to avoid all frictions and contact points in order to prevent aggravating the situation. Remember to pick a shoe that respects the anatomy and shape of your foot in length as well as in width so that you are as comfortable as possible.

Diabetic foot Prevention

First, avoid walking barefoot at home in order to limit wounds that heal badly. Also, remember to moisturize your feet to avoid cracks and crevices. Drying your feet well after bathing or showering reduces the risk of athlete's foot and therefore also the risk of cracking. You will also need to control your diet in order to level your blood sugar at a reasonable rate. Beware of extreme temperatures in summer (burns) as in winter (frostbite). Your foot is more sensitive than a healthy foot.

Call our podiatric clinic today at 514.505.3977 to learn more about our offer and our various services. Our podiatrists will be able to evaluate the condition of your foot and follow its evolution as the months and years go by to make sure everything is in order. We will also inform you about prevention methods to avoid complications.


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