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The true medical term for bunion is Hallux abducto valgus. This is a change in the alignment of the forefoot bones, ie a gradual deviation from the big toe to the second toe causing the appearance of a bump which could be painful. The bunion is sometimes accompanied by a bursitis, which will accentuate the size of the bump. An anomaly in foot mechanics, inadequate footwear or genetic factors may be responsible for the development of a bunion.

It is possible to slow the progression of the bunion with the prescription of a customized plantar orthosis. The latter will control the abnormal mechanics of the foot and help preserve the joint connecting the metatarsus and the big toe.

The prescription of anti-inflammatory or the injection of cortisone can help to reduce the inflammation caused by the bunion. Certain exercises and/or stretches will help to maintain the mobility of the toe.

The treatment that can completely eliminate this deformity is surgery. This procedure can be performed by a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon.

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