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Corns and calluses are thickening of the horny layer of the skin in response to repeated pressures and/or frictions. It is a normal body protection mechanism, but these thickenings can become problematic and painful if not maintained.

Douleur au talon et pied


A callosity is a diffuse thickening and variable in size of the skin. We find them mostly in the zones of pressure of the foot, under the heel and the forefoot. Calluses are normally not painful and do not cause real problems if they are properly taken care of. On the other hand, the heel’s calluses tend to thicken and can sometimes form deep cracks that will be painful. A callus too thick can also cause pain and sores in some people. The words horn and hyperkératose are synonyms often used.


Corns, on the other hand, are rather circumscribed thickenings of the skin and there is found a nucleus often deeper in the lesion. They develop as a result of excessive localized pressures and are more often found in the front of the foot or between the toes but can be found anywhere under the foot or on the toes. They are often painful and give the sensation of walking on a rock or a needle.

Corns and calluses can also be caused by mechanical instability of the foot or a bad shoe.

It is recommended to see a podiatrist to receive the right treatment. In addition, it is not recommended to remove the lesions yourself with a blade or nail clippers, especially for people with diabetes.

Douleur au talon et pied
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