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How to run 237 km in the desert without pain.

How to run 237 km in the desert without pain.

Yves Baribeau started running at the age of 39 and has never stopped ever since. He has attended the half-marathons, marathons, 7 Ironmans, 17 half-Ironmans and lastly, a 237 km race in the Moroccan desert, the "Marathon des Sables" (Sand Marathon). With only 5 months to prepare, he quickly realized that something was wrong with his right knee during a workout, a pain he had never experienced while practicing this sport. It was then that he met Dr. Marilyne Langlois, a podiatrist who offers sports podiatry services at the Kirkland Podiatric Clinic.

The sports podiatry meeting that changed everything

Seven weeks before the event everything changed for Yves Baribeau. In preparation for the race, he decides to add a weight of 6 pounds on his back to build the strength needed to carry 20 pounds during the 237 km's that awaited him in Morocco. At the second kilometer only, his right knee made him suffer horribly. Unable to continue its course, he had to act quickly. During his encounter with sports podiatrist Dr. Marilyne Langlois, she determined the causes and problems in the racing mechanics of M. Baribeau. In just three weeks, she succeeded in completely absorbing pain while running, prescribing a customized plantar orthosis, and a program of muscle and joint exercises so that he could run the 237 km's without any pitfalls. Now an integral part of the preparation team of Mr. Baribeau, Dr. Marilyne Langlois, podiatrist, is the one that allowed him to go through this race without injury and with excellent results.

Sports podiatry, the athlete's ally

Whether you are a runner, a soccer player or any other sportsman, amateur or professional, sports podiatry services can be an excellent ally to your training as for Mr. Baribeau.

For foot problems, performance problems, pain during exercise, muscle fatigue or injury, the podiatrist can analyze the mechanics of your foot and your posture to go directly to the source of the problem. Do not forget that foot problems affect many parts of the body, including the knees, hips, and back. So even if your problem does not make your feet suffer, it is not impossible that they are linked.

Finally, adding sports podiatry services to your workout team can not only help you heal some injuries and improve your performance but can also help you prevent potential foot problems that could affect your sports season. So do not hesitate to have your feet and your mechanics evaluated to make sure you use the full potential of your workouts and avoid pain when practicing your sport!


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