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The foot is a complex structure of the human body. It contains 28 bones, 21 joints, 17 ligaments and 30 muscles. All these structures work together to achieve the necessary stability for the foot, depending on the different stresses experienced during the activities. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to it.

The biomechanical examination allows to evaluate the integrity of the foot as well as the possible impacts of the foot on the rest of the body (ankle, knee, hip, back).

Examen biomécanique


  • Assessing the integrity of the range of motion of the joints of the foot and lower limb (ankle, knee, hip)
  • Evaluating the foot in the static position (standing) and its mechanical misalignments
  • Analyzing the gait and determine the abnormal function of the foot in walking that can cause pain. In addition, an analysis adapted to the sport or activity practiced can be made, such as a review of the race for example.
  • Performing posture imaging cryovizion

The device provides the practitioner with tangible data to effectively assess the patient's initial condition as well as its evolution during treatment.

This technology ensures a concrete and personalized follow-up in order to achieve the therapeutic goals set.

Cryovizion is a non-invasive imaging system that highlights posture debalance, often associated with biomechanical misalignment of the feet.

Following the complete biomechanical examination, the podiatrist is able to make the correct diagnosis and establish the causes causing the pain or potential risks of developing certain future problems.

An appropriate treatment plan is then put in place, according to the needs and priorities of each. Whether it is manual therapy, shoe prescription or specific exercises, cortisone injections or even plantar orthosis prescription, the podiatrist is able to provide the best possible treatments for each.

Examen biomécanique Examen biomécanique
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