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Runners and foot pain

Runners and foot pain

While summer puts in an appearance, many of you may be thinking of starting to run again or to start training for one of the many summer sporting events. Armed with your newly purchased shoes for the occasion, a good list of songs and a lot of motivation, you feel readier than ever to start working out.

However, even before you make the first stride, several things must be considered for optimum performance and to prevent foot, knee and back pain that can result from the training. Discover how your favorite podiatrist in Montreal can accompany you at every step of the way to avoid injuries related to running: from the first kilometer to the marathon.

1. Your West Island podiatrist: the best companion to avoid lower limb pain during the race

A pioneer of health in general, your podiatrist in Montreal always likes to support you in your sports activities. That's why he is the best ally of all runners, amateurs or ultra-marathoners. By knowing your feet well, they can recommend the best types of shoes, orthotics, adjustments for your workout. It can also track certain issues so you can get the most out of each race, prevent a race-related injury, and avoid turning this activity that you love so much turn into a nightmare.

2. The technique to avoid foot pain during a race

Running is a demanding sport for both your muscles and your joints. More than a cardiovascular exercise, it is a sport that requires a certain amount of physical strength and that solicit many ligaments, bones, muscles, blood vessels, joints, and tendons. This is why running requires a slow and gradual approach to avoid injury or pain to the feet, knees or legs.

In order to practice sport without pain and without injuries related to running or to increase your performance, a visit to your favorite podiatrist in Montreal is, therefore, a must to evaluate your racing technique. Using a treadmill and all its expertise, your foot health expert will be able to analyze your stroke and inform you about the modifications to be made to your stride for a run without faux pas!

3. An injury related to the race? Come and meet us!

Even with a lot of work and follow-up, runners are always at risk of getting hurt or experiencing foot pain during a race and even suffering breakouts and slings. To avoid aggravating the situation, we always recommend that you stop physical activity immediately and consult your favorite podiatrist without delay. He will be able to offer you treatments, proper follow-up, solutions and get back on your feet as soon as possible and heal your running injury.

Finally, good foot hygiene is essential for a pleasant ride and to minimize foot pain during a race. Keep your feet dry as much as possible and carefully choose your pair of sneakers! Enjoy your race!

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