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What is a hollow foot and how to treat it?

What is a hollow foot and how to treat it?

The hollow foot (also called Pes Cavus) is just a deformity of the foot that is not of congenital origin. It is found in the accentuation of the arch and is often due to neurological causes (myopathy, cerebral disability, neuropathy ...) in most cases (75 to 90%). Spina bifida or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are the most common neurological causes.

This problem occurs during the growth and is part of the common malformations of the foot as the club foot, the flat foot, the Hallux Valgus, the claw toe or hammer toe, or even the Quintus Varus. These anomalies can go hand in hand with a hollow foot. The pronounced curvature of the arch has the effect of displacing the support areas so they're no longer in the same place, usually moving them to the forward and backward parts of the foot.

What shoes to wear when your feet are hollow?

Finding the right kind of shoes for hollow feet is not always easy, especially if you are not familiar with this problem. You will need to find a type of shoe more comfortable that lets your foot and your toes “breathe", this to avoid aggravation and feelings of discomfort.

You must favor a wide shoe at the toes so that they are not compressed which will avoid corns and calluses. Support for the arch is also essential. A quality rear buttress that holds the ankle and the back of the foot is also expected. Choose a removable insole that you can replace with a foot orthosis if necessary. For severe cases, a custom molded shoe is a solution to consider.

How to proceed to get a professional diagnosis?

Several specific symptoms can be detected: first, imbalance when walking and then quick and unusual wear pattern of the shoes. The presence of calluses and pains are other signs that should not be neglected.

These warning signs should lead you to see a specialist for a clinical examination followed by a foot radio and a podoscope if needed. A neurological examination can complete this in order to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. A treatment adapted to each case will then be put in place by your podiatrist.

Should you wear soles if you have hollow feet?

The soles for hollow feet exist and allow to relieve the pain. However, these do not provide correction and in the long term, if the problem persists, it is recommended to consider a foot surgery (for the bones or soft parts of your feet). Going to see your physiotherapist can also help for re-education if your goal is to walk again properly soon.

Note that this can happen to both the adult and the child. In the latter case, the child will get tired more quickly when walking.

Call our office today at 514.505.3977 to make an appointment directly with one of our podiatrists or to inquire and obtain additional information about this type of pathology.


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