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What is plantar fasciitis and how to deal with it?

What is plantar fasciitis and how to deal with it?

Painful and annoying, plantar fasciitis (also called calcaneus and not to be confused with the Lenoir spine which is simply a prominence of bone in the heel bone) is a frequent problem encountered following the intensive practice of a sport without adequate warm-up or the result of a bad foot position, physiological or pathological.

When your muscle is overworked, you may be faced with this pain, but this inflammatory condition, quite common among Quebeckers, can be cured by a qualified podiatrist. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous ligament. It is caused by a microcrack or a partial rupture.


The main symptom is the sharp pain you will feel in the heel. The arch of the foot can also be painful in many cases. Lenoir's spine can also be accompanied by secondary problems such as achilles tendon pain or behind the heel.

The pains are strong in the morning then tend to fade rather quickly, usually after a few minutes. You can also feel this after spending a long time sitting or, for the athlete among you, during and after a sport session.


The causes vary but are often similar: obesity, old age, foot type, shoe type, stiff calf muscles or suffering from other inflammatory diseases such as arthritis are the most common causes leading to plantar fasciitis.

There are several risk factors such as having flat or hollow feet, poor posture, pregnancy, daily work requiring many hours of standing, or loss of elasticity of the pad at the heel.

Prevention is better than cure!

Prevention involves simple things like getting enough rest between two exercise sessions or paying attention to your weight to avoid putting too much pressure on your feet. Common sense is what is needed, nothing more.

Feel free to listen to your body and stretch well after any type of intense, or moderately intense, physical activities. Create the right environment when you're exercising and replace your sports shoes frequently (at least once every year or every 6 months, depending on how often you run)!

If the pain is manageable, you can apply ice to relieve yourself and more importantly, avoid walking barefoot at home. Remember to stretch your feet or to massage them in order to relieve the tension. Rolling a ball under your feet can also help.

If all this is not enough, it's time to go see a professional who can do a therapeutic bandage of the foot. For more serious cases, an injection of cortisone or the wearing of a plaster is sometimes necessary. Surgery can also be on the cards if the issue doesn't go away.

Call our clinic in Kirkland at 514.505.3977 to make an appointment in the coming days or ask your questions if you have any. We are at your disposal to meet all your needs in terms of foot health. Let us have a complete examination of your foot to establish an accurate diagnosis and find appropriate solutions. Wearing orthotics may be recommended in some cases.


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